International Conference


4th Innovative Product Design and Intelligent Manufacturing Systems 

(25-26 November 2022)

Guidelines to fill publishing agreement

Please follow the below guidelines for mandate else your manuscript may not be accepted.

  1. The document provided is partially editable.,i.e. only the required attributes can be edited.
  2. The 1st page has provision to type the Author’s name and affiliation (name of the department and college address). Please enter the name and affiliations of all the authors as per the sequence of your names and affiliations of your manuscript. If the manuscript contains more than one author, please enter the corresponding author’s name in “[Name of the Corresponding Author]” provided beneath. These are only fields that author has to type in the first page.
  3. In the 2nd page, please enter the title of the manuscript in “[Title of the Contribution]” as per the latest title of your manuscript. These are only fields that author has to type in the second page.
  4. In the 8th page, please provide the corresponding author’s signature, name and date. Please note the name can be typed directly in the document whereas the signature, date can be either placed digitally or you can take the print out of the 8th page provide the signature, date and replace the existing page with modified page by scanning and inserting the 8th page alone.

A sample copy of publishing agreement is provided for your reference. Please go through the guidelines carefully and fill the form accordingly. Queries if still any, please drop your query through our official mail “icipdims@gmail.com”.

Best wishes
Team IPDIMS’21

You are requested to upload the signed publishing agreement here: